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Yo, just a warning: you may want to avoid news outlets for a couple of days. Apparently, it is totally okay to front page a picture of a drowned child and her father. Stay classy, asshats. I guess they only understand the Twitter version of a trigger.


Anyone ever played with one of these dealies? Was eyeing em for Sam Sho. If all else fails, I can grab the Retro-bit Saturn pads and use the XBOX app on Win...I would just rather not add any more hurdles to the already annoying modern console BS.


I like this question (heard on the Bombcast): What are some extraneous elements in a game that, if not implemented, the game has failed for you? Mine would be visible armor changes in an RPG. During gameplay definitely and during cutscenes preferably.


Samurai Shodown releases in 2 days! Sam Sho 2 is my favorite fighter of all time, and I am hyped! I won't be picking it up until next Friday, but still...never expected a 90s FPS renaissance and I definitely did not expect an SNK comeback. Hope it rocks.


"...kids today who are 12 years old, who weren't around for when BioWare started making games...they have different expectations of what a BioWare game should be."-EA CEO-bot Andrew Wlson. So, wait...are you aiming your Mature rated games at 12 year olds?


I dreamed about fishing in BotW 2. This is ya'll's fault.


Why do the triggers on the XBONE controller keep going from short to long press? How am I changing that?


Weekend time in 3 hours! I hope I get to spend it performing hours-long mandatory installs and updates on my new XBONE!!! Seriously, I can't imagine how many Xmas mornings were ruined with this piece of shit. "MERRRY CHRISTMAS!!! Time to play, kids!!!"


Happy Father's Day. Just an idea of how much sleep I got between yesterday and today. Edit: I should mention that I made it all the way to work before I even noticed this.


Navigating the fucking XBONE's UI is like watching your kid go crosseyed doing times tables. You just want to get up, smack him on the back of the head and say "Pay attention! This is the easy stuff! You are scaring me!!!"


Perfect Dark Zero inhabits approximately Zero percent of peoples' "favorite gaming moments," Microsoft. Cheeky fuckers.


Bout time for dat...this...gen...experience? YEAH! This is an XBONE S, KI, Rare Replay, DA: Inquisition, and a year of Gold. $200!!!


People invoking the specter of the sanctity of Claptrap's voicework out of one side of their mouths and saying how much they hate Claptrap out of the other. #DarksidersGenesis


Don't suppose anyone has a Vita in great condition they are trying to sell? American if possible.


I know id is a very different company these days, and that this comes from Zenimax...but my oh my. https://www.pcgamesn.com/doom/doom-remake-4?amp


"That new Contra looks too silly! Remember the good old days when Contra was badass and we fought a giant alien with a babystroller as a werewolf with a gattling gun arm?!?"


Didn't realize that Detective Pikachu was Zootopia. K.


Damn, Nintendo showed some weird and videogame ass videogames. That was fun.


He adores this giraffe. First toy he is wayinto.


I strongly encourage each of you to watch Giant Bomb's e3 coverage. Jeff Gerstmann gushing about Doom Eternal is rad to see. It is about 1:45 into the conference and begins with "Doom Eternal is fucking awesome."


I would say that conference was a good barometer for how much Bethesda understands the Fallout series. Especially when the guy announcing the new DLC said "nukular winter."


I just got a dollar raise for my 90 day review. I am apparently kicking ass at my job. Nice. Gonna' binge some games this weekend, cause I got a few days of paid leave. I need the time off. This check is going to be 110 hours.


I have never been happier to hear that Bioware is NOT making a sequel to one of their most cherished games. Weird. Also, Divine Divinity is awesome so you should play it.


I would be happier with the MK character reveals if they were new creations as opposed to pop-culture cameos. WB should just do a horror fighter instead, a la Terrordrome. The coolest MK characters are the MK characters.


A DOOM Eternal mural is going up in LA. E3 is soon! HYPE!!!


It's ironic that so many JRPGs do the "special school kid with powers" thing. There is a big, grey sea of samey games out there that are attempting to distract kids from the drudgery of high school...by doing the exact same thing as their peers. Weird.


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