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Cinema Snob is reviewing satanic panic/anti-rock music and it is exactly what I need tonight. Been sick all day and it is snowing out. Time to snuggle up with the fam. really can't push audio from games through a bluetooth headset on PS3?


Me: I don't buy X Dev's games because reasons... The Internet: like they will even notice that one person didn't buy it lulz Me: I will just get it used... The Internet: BUT THE DEVS NEED YOUR MONEY! Me:


"If we reduce the number of employees for better short-term results, employee morale will decrease. I sincerely doubt employees who fear that they may be laid off will be able to develop software titles that could impress people around the world." -Iwata


Have you ever went to a get together with fellow volunteers and realized that they were all...EVANGELICALS!?! I have. It's terrifying when it feels like you are surrounded by Rosemary Woodhouse's neighbors all of the sudden.


Jay Bauman from Red Letter Media was Jackie Earl Haley's stand-in in the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street remake. When Haley said he had only just watched the original film the night prior and that it was trash, Jay left the shoot. Jay is good people.


If you ever want to simulate being the designated driver at the end of a party where everyone had fun but you, watch Sisters.


Hexen 2 is great. I am really enjoying it so far. Reminds me a lot of Dark Souls in how obscure it can be. I am playing it with the Hammer of Thyrion mod, and you should too. Give it a shot.


Anyone ever had a game that won't recognize certain JoyToKey button presses? It won't see my right trigger in jsHexen 2. Also, go find the Hammer of Thyrion Hexen 2 mod (jsHexen 2). It is holy shit good.


It's crazy to me that so many people were anticipating a Respawn game after they were bought by EA.


I did not know that there is a Heretic 2. Apparently, rights issues make it pretty tough to find. Welp, I found it, and am downloading it now. After a widescreen patch and some Joy2Key finnagling, I hope to spend my day off with it. Looks cool!


Why are the villains in modern Christsploitation films always educators and journalists? Seems pretty insecure. I hate reality too, but ya'll are supposed to live on a higher plane or something. In other words: the God's Not Dead movies are not very good.


Dusk's labyrinthine levels get praised all the time but I would not appreciate them as much if it did not have corpse-stay. When you are lost and walk into a room littered with bodies, it feels metal as fuck to say " I've been here...."


Anyone got a good online dealer to buy a PS2 from?


No, you right. Cops have sky high standards..


Gonna' have to renege on that Quake 1.5 recommendation. The enemies are just too bullet spongey, which is a problem with Quake vanilla. It sucks, cause the mod is incredible otherwise. Quad damage feels about how normal damage should. It is obscene.


You all should go grab that Quake 1.5 mod that Sam posted. It's a damn fine mod. It adds bosses, levels, grenades,melee, a kick, secrets, secret levels, gore, and a chainsaw! It's great.


Anthem is about wearing cool costumes to show off how unique and interesting you are. First person view of your Javelin right after you choose armor so you can see how cool you look. 3rd person view during missions. Cosmetic MTXs are now informing design.


When you walk 3 miles in the snow to get to work 20 mins early and your supervisor shows up in his car 10 minutes late...


We are hanging out and watching Disenchantment. Pretty fun show so far. Not sure much if anything can beat Bob's though.


Today has been trying, but it is what you make it, right? I am home now, and it is snowing. Comfort food looks like Link's Awakening at the moment, and biscuits n gravy for dinner. What does comfort food look like for you and yours?


I took a job on the line at a vegan place. I could not resist the increased salary, and I can work a line in my sleep. That last bit is important, because I can't take my job home right now with school and a newborn.


Being garbage people for dinner. Guess which is mine.


Odallus and Oniken are getting a physical Switch release, and it is not through Limited Run. Sweet! Odallus is nearly perfect.


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