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Jack Thompson hitting up the game sites and searching for teh gay p0rn!


Judge Spanks Jack Thompson for Including Gay Porn with Court Filing

Over at GamePolitics.com, a place I visit every day, I have found some news that is both amusing beyond belief and I find myself appalled at this mans increasing stupidity. In a document he filed with the court last week he included images depicting hardcore gay sex. Some how this genius thought he was being smart because the opposing attorney, Norm Kent, a gay activist attorney from Miami, has a website called National Gay News which Thompson claims anyone can go there and get those pictures. Well, obviously just a cheap ploy in trying to get Norm Kent in to some trouble, instead gets himself in trouble. The judge demands that he show just cause why he should not face sanctions and possible contempt charges.

But, anyway, what we have here is a grown man who's compared himself to Batman in the past and sits around all day looking through video game sites, Googling his own name to see who's talking about him, and searching for and printing out gay porn. Oh, and he called Dennis, owner of GamePolitics.com, "sweetie". Jack Thompson, are you trying to come out of the closet or something? Perhaps the reason you seem so obsessed with GamePolitics.com is that you're actually finding yourself attracted to Dennis or something. I mean, it would seem that way to me. Maybe you just need to come out of the closet Jack.

You know what? Stay there actually. I wouldn't want to plague the gay community with your stupid crazy ass.

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