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Finished Axiom Verge 2, overall it was fun, felt missed opportunity with the intro. Thought it was going to be more like the thing with the snow, mountains and helicopter. Id get it during a sale.


The lego Batman movie was an unexpected surprise. Funny, and surprisingly deep. Recommend


That kirby game looks like the right kind of jam for the right time.


Upcoming direct


This came from ectoplasmosis, dtoids sister site from back in the day. Its old but still relevant some of the suspects have changed so watch out!


Thank god for qpost its nirvana compared to the front page. Its a shame because it looks like there is a ton of output from everyone. 🎤🎶tell all the ads to let my dtoid goooo🎶


Immediately thought of Pat.


Hope you all are having a bitching Saturday. Cherish the day


I always use protection. I use the soft case for controllers, black ballistic nylon for switch and games and the games are in the plastic water proof pouch. What do you use ?


Don’t they know, thanks to games I learned how to do donuts, drive bys and jump ramps. Stupid commercial


One of the great lines. Young Frankenstein. What are yours?


Got the steam deck


I don’t wanna😭


So far labo will not run correctly on oled switch. Also says there will be other games but no specifics. Lan port? Wonder if we will see more cloud based games.


And thats metroid zero. Maybe do other m. Though I have never played the og metroid, Hmm


Finished Metroid Fusion. I think its been close to 15 years the last time I played. Overall it is a good game and holds up well due to wiiU save. Think Im going to play Zero next.


I hope scalpers are sitting on piles of unsold goods.


Metroid Dread website has some interesting info. Sounds like more creativity for Prime.


Metroid Dredge got me in the mood to do another run through of fusion. I love the atmosphere, forgot how linear it can be


Nintendo e3 et remake.


When e3 hits I’m hoping we hear that this is being released to consoles. Not a fan of subscription based services. Aside from this want to hear about ninja turtles and Zelda and Metroid.


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