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East Vs West: Gamers might be stuck in their ways

While Iím a older UK gamer who has been a PC gamer for years, one thing that Iím finding more and more spicy to my gamer palette is rediscovering Japanese games I loved as a kid which have always been lacking on PC. What I love is how vibra...


CAVE composer Ryu Umemoto dies at 37

Yesterday news of Ryu Umemoto's death was posted posthumously on his twitter page, rumours say that he was hospitalised 5 months ago with bronchitis/pneumonia symptoms. While many people don't know the name some of you will know he's mus...


Remembering whats important

Hi there even though I have been a member on Dtoid for a number of months and read and comment on a fare few blogs by other people this is my first blog on this site so please be gentle with me now :-p What I want to write about is a conc...


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