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Alternate Reality: The Beam Katana!

Itís 12 in the morning and you canít sleep. Youíre feeling groggy and you canít think straight. The only clear thought in your head is the blinding urge to cut something, anything, and to do it with style. Your glowing toy light-sabers are ...


Why I Love Destructoid

I'm real new 'round these parts. I haven't seen what a lot of y'all 've seen here, but I do know for goddamn certain why Destructoid is the flat-out greatest gaming website/community I've ever seen and why I'm glad to have even the smallest...


True Procedural Generation

This post is inspired by walkyourpath's blog http://www.destructoid.com/it-s-more-complicated-than-just-escapism-143461.phtml#ext. If you haven't read it yet, it's thought-provoking and definitely worth the short time spent reading it. Any...


Space Blog 3000

Aright. So, this is my introductory post. I'd like to thank anyone who reads this for giving me their attention; thank you. So I just wrote this Top Ten Games list for the forums and I figured it would be the perfect thing to start off a ...


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