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Here is a viewtiful joe pic for your birthday: Karutomaru is an old community member, an unofficial game reviewer and Viewtiful Joe's #1 fan. He tells me he is having trouble with Dtoid support. Apparently he can't get his blog back. He t...


Sakura's theme fits none

So it's been proven many times that Guile's theme fits everything, no matter what it is. Sakura's theme, however, fits nothing. Here are some videos I made that would have been better with Guile's theme in them. I posted this because I h...


E for Effort: Thank You, Come Again

Imagine youíre in high school, and youíre taking a course you really love. Your teacher is a really cool person who you admire. Youíre earning an A in the class, and have been working really hard for that A. One day, the teacher decides t...


Persona's lame joke.

Alright. lets get this over with. i hate the PERSONA games. they just came out with PERSONA game number 6 or three 3 if you cant count. and i here there is supposed to be persona 5 after! holy crap! doesn't PERSONa die when its 4 years? tha...


E for Effort: The Answer

Itís always nice to be challenged by video games. Persona 3 is a JRPG developed by Atlus, and itís the wonderful game that made me fall in love with RPGs in general. Persona 3ís main storyline is certainly very difficult, even on normal or...


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