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Weapons that went MIA MK1

In FPS games you have your average Assault rifle, your average RPG/rocket launcher, a shotgun, a nade and a pistole. Then you have variations of those. But then you have weapons that wasn't average, that wasn't crap, that was only damn good...


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Name : Markus J.L.
Alias : Trasherhead, Cumladen
Sex : Male
Level : 22
Birth : 1986 BC
Death : 1999 AD
ARTIQ : 115
Guardians : Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
About : A Cynic and A Saint

Strength :6
Perception :7
Vitality :9
Charisma :9(+2)
Intelligence :9
Wisdom :8
Agility :6(+5)
Luck :7
Sanity :3(-5)

Blacksmith - "hammer that iron while its glowing red hot and duck while im welding."
Bard - "Long live Rock and Roll, Long live Rock 'n' Roll..."
Survivalist - "I believe in God, only I spell it Nature"
Veteran Gamer - "They made games befor CS and Halo, trust me."
Advanced Cooking - "Exact measurements? No Sir, true food should be enigmatic"
Berserker - "Why im dressed in animal pelt, reciting algebra in latin while stuffing marbles up this
old lady's ass? Well you know, I was cleaning my toilet and..."

:The Hands:
"But my luck keeps holding so strong,
even with the state I’m in.
I’m like a revolution of one, even when I stumble I win."
- Some divine entity seems to take pity on you (Luck +5)
:Psychedelic charm:
"Dan: Markus, are you hallucinating?
Markus: Oh, yeah, but not right now."
- A lifetime of mental abuse, metal music and missmatched pills have left you with
a funny smile on your face and rater strange opinions. (Charisma +2 Sanity -5)
“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm
not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”
- People tend to go "wha.. whaT?" after speaking with you.
- Once at the sanitorium the nurse droped you in the nuclear waste disposal and now your
stuck with 3 kidneys, a huge beard and a tattoo of a scull on your arm.


Son of the Sami demi-god Rivojen and the scorpion demon Sasori, Markus was unleased unpon an unprepered world.
After years of in what they call "scholeion" where his mind was shaped through fire, radiation and faul fiends he died
only to walk the earth. For the one who has God as his judge would not let him die, for he sacreficed the
second, third and seventh to breath life back into the withered body of Markus.
Thought never quite alive again he could never fully die again, cursed without a soul to feel forth others.
In later years a woman named, who's name is sounded Bethia by the ages, colided with the lost hero of the gods.
For some illogical reason, that broke the rules of human nature, she found an intreset in this poor excuse
of a superior being and soon after they joined in cosmic battle of spirites and wits.
By some unexplained magic she was able to call back and rebuild his broken soul and give him emotions.
For years he walked the earth, like a behemuth of cosmic rage, and no mater how many times they
tried to make him stumble he could never fall and no mater how hard the choked
him there was always something there to give him air.
For he was favored by the gods of old.