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Fighters Megamix 2: Long Overdue

Fighters Megamix was released over a decade ago, and I regret not having it in my collection. The concept behind the game was simple: Take several characters from various Sega franchises and pit them against one another. It featured the cast from Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers, along with quirky appearances like Janet from Virtua Cop, a car from Daytona USA, and the missing letter L from the word Virtua.

Being a fighting game fan myself and not having had a good fix in a long while, I would love to see a brand new Fighters Megamix.

Of course a new iteration wouldn't be half as appealing if it weren't for the guest stars. But instead of Sega limiting the game to just their franchises, I think the idea of cross-company collaborations is much more enticing. Soul Calibur II included Spawn and Link, the upcoming installment borrows Yoda and Darth Vader, and the recently released Brawl has Snake. That should be enough to tell you that any character cameo from any series is possible.

Personally, I can't imagine a better crossover than Virtua Fighter vs. Tekken. These games are two of the most finely tuned 3D fighters around (the only ones still around? besides Soul Calibur), and a collaboration between Namco and Sega would be a wet dream cum true. While there are subtle differences in each game's play styles, their in-game mechanics are similar enough that it wouldn't take much tweaking to get the feel right. Plus, a joint fighting game between both developers would not only be great fanservice, but potentially generate more excitement together than their respective titles could ever produce individually.

As a reminder, Capcom Vs. SNK somehow happened. I don't exactly know how, but it happened. So why not Namco Vs. Sega?

And just to let my imagination run loose for a second, here are some other cameo/crossover possibilities:
Wayne from Lost Planet (grappling hook, "Get over here!")
Ethan from Condemned (what a bumfighter)
Dante/Nero from Devil May Cry (may be more fitting in Soul Calibur, someone contact Namco)
Nemesis from Resident Evil
Big Daddy from Bioshock (again, maybe more appropriate for Soul Calibur)
Street Fighter cast (hasn't been done in real 3D, and since Capcom seems reluctant to evolve the series beyond the 2D plane, they ought to lend some of the characters to a developer that handles it well)
Weighted Companion Cube (just because)

And as a separate idea altogether, how about something like hip-hop artists vs. rock stars? Kinda like Def Jam Fight For NY but with musicians from other types of genres. Imagine taking control of Trent Reznor and beating down on Soulja Boy, or leading G-Unit in taking out Slipknot, or smashing a guitar into Fergie's face.

Or not. Maybe I'm just hard-up for a brand new fighter that I'd take any new IP concept. It's a shame that the fighting game genre has suffered from a recession. It's slowly making a recovery, as indicated by Soul Calibur IV, BlazBlue, King of Fighters XII, and Street Fighter IV, but for me, it's simply not enough. And while I don't miss the glut of uninspired fighters from the last few console generations, I keep getting this nagging feeling of emptiness deep inside, just past the rectum where your finger can't reach.

I doubt anything I've mentioned is even close to being in the works, but one can dream, right? So I guess in the meantime I'll have to make do with Virtua Fighter 5 (once I get it) and those Dead Fantasy videos.
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