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My Past Month's Gaming Haul

I think I spent more money on games in the past few weeks than I did all of last year. For some reason, I was pretty listless in the last console generation and part of that carried over in to this current cycle. I was slowly losing interes...


Guilty Gear 2: Overture... RTS? SRSLY?

Here's a preview of the new entry into the Guilty Gear series. And below is an interview with its creator Daisuke Ishiwatari, where he revisits the history of the series, leading up to creation of Guilty Gear 2. First of all, this was qu...


I just bought 7 games... bye bye sunlight

So after taking advantage of Gamestop's buy two get one free deal from this weekend, I came away with 7 brand new used (newsed?) games and $150 poorer. And yeah, I decided to forgo GTA4. I figure that game will always be there. Plus, I did...


Old Xbox 360 Shoot-Out Commercial

An old ad of Xbox 360's "Jump In" campaign from a couple of years ago. It was banned for some reason. Maybe to cut down on the rampant fingerbanging incidents sweeping the country I suppose. Seriously, censorship *#@%<s! But more than...


Alone In The Dark: X-Play All Access

Here's an update on Alone In The Dark from X-Play. Apparently, fire is a very prominent element of the game. It serves as your primary weapon, but most importantly, lets you live out all your pyro dreams. Let's all hope Jack Thompson's in...


Hellboy II Trailer

Something about mythical world rebelling against humanity, invisible realm of the fantastic, must save the world, destiny yada yada. All I know is that I remember enjoying the first Hellboy movie, even though I wasn't really that big a fa...


The Bourne Conspiracy: Take-Down Trailer

The video shows off the hand-to-hand combat that's one of the movie's trademarks. Basically, you use light and heavy attacks to build up your adrenaline meter, which, once full, allows you to perform take-downs. You can pretty much use an...


Super Saiyan Sumo Wrestlers (NVGR)(repost)

I'm reposting this because that horde of Turning Point blogs just came out of nowhere. So here's something to tide you over until the next zombie attack. Sumo wrestlers with anime special effects. Everything should be edited like this. ...


Fighters Megamix 2: Long Overdue

Fighters Megamix was released over a decade ago, and I regret not having it in my collection. The concept behind the game was simple: Take several characters from various Sega franchises and pit them against one another. It featured the cas...


Not my turning point gaming rig

2 GHz AMD Turion64 2048MB of RAM 120GB hard drive That's what the stickers say. I've gotten some flak for keeping them on my laptop, but not as much flak as when I use the word "flak." It's a couple of years old by the way. I only use...


Introductory Blog

I first heard about Destructoid on Attack of the Show when they featured Nerdcore a while back. I checked out the site, drooled over the pics, but then sorta kinda forgot about it. Then a few months ago the whole Fox News-Mass Effect debacl...


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