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Winner of the Tragic Hero Contest


So after looking over the entries many times over here at work I have decided on a winner. Before I reveal said winner though I would like to thank everyone who entered the Tragic Hero contest. I knew that the contest wouldn't be too easy since finding a proper tragic hero in the video game realm is difficult but all of the contestants were surprisingly creative and did an excellent job finding their own tragic heroes.
Kudos to you all.

And now for the winner of the Tragic Hero Contest...

CaffeinePowered with his Entry on lThe Vault Dweller.

As you can tell from his post, he did an excellent job going in to much detail of the trials and hardships of the Vault Dweller and how his amazing and painful journey is rewarded with him being cast out from the community he saved.

Initially I was thinking of excluding his entry since I used the vault dweller as an example in the initial contest rules but after reading Cafs post anyone could tell he would have done the Vault Dweller anyways even if I didn't use him as a example.

So congratulations CaffeinePowered for winning and congratulations to GAMEGOBLIN, Mix, Passionate Styos, ScottyG, and Anus McPhanus for participating as well.
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