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Vampires The Masquerade: Redemption's Storymode and how innovative it was


Not the greatest Diablo clone to be created, Vampires The Masquerade: Redemption was quite the enjoyable game when it came out. Despite early bugs, it has good gameplay, a better than average story, and some good graphics and animations.

So what made this game one of my favorites of all time? The storyteller mode of course!

For those of you unfamiliar with Vampires The Masquerade, it was originally a Paper and Pencil (P&P) RPG. The game focused on (you guessed it) Vampires who existed amongst society, lurking in the shadow and fighting amongst themselves and others while remaining invisible to the outside world. The storyteller mode for Redemption though allowed players to play the PC game like a P&P RPG.

How did it work? Well one player was game master (or storyteller) and sets up a mission/story just like one would with a mission editor: place enemies here or there, place a NPC in one spot and place structures and props on the landscape.

But instead of pre-written scripts, the storyteller got to posses NPCs and characters and type out their dialogue. This eliminated forced quests and allowed for more freedom on the fly, just like in any P&P RPG. If the players decide to go one route the Storyteller could spawn enemies as the situation seemed fit or drop special items as rewards, or if storyteller wanted to be a dick could kill any of the players at his or her whim.

Just like the game, of course, it was a big "buggy" at first but as time went on the system worked out really well, especially for those who put good amount of time and effort into it. It makes me wonder why other developers, like bioware for example, haven't adopted this system for their games to implement a true RPG experience rather than created missions with pre-scripted events.

So in hindsight, this was a nice innovative feature that to me seemed to just have died out for no reason. One would assume with the technology of today one could make a better version of this and implement it better.

And since this is lacking a bit substance here is a video. What happens when you mix Queens of the Stone Age with Will Farrel?

Will Farrell and Queens of the Stone Age

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