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Advance Wars: Some Puzzle Game Elements in it?

Note: If you read anything in this blog be sure to read this section. Advance Wars: Day of Ruin is awesome. So far it is quite possibly my Game of the Year I enjoy it that much. Please bear that in mind as you read on so not to believe ...


Good Idea, Bad Idea: Save at Anytime Feature

I remember a slogan back in the old days of playing Kings Quest that went along the lines of "Save many, Save often." Today I think most of us can relate to that statement and understand the importance of saving at the right place and at t...


Chrono Cross: A Subpar Sequel to a great RPG?

Like most of you, one of the best RPGs I ever played on the SNES was Chrono Trigger. The game seemed to have everything: great story, an awesome soundtrack, fantastic gameplay and impressive spells/special attacks, and awesome art work/ch...


Sid Meier wants to make Civilization MMOG?

I heard Ghandis glasses add +5 to your economy According to IGN, Sid Meier is quite interested in creating a MMOG based on is Civilization franchise. He stated: "I think someday I would like to try a game in that genre," said Meier. "It...


MMORPGS: Is it really your own unique hero?

Over my gaming lifetime I have had many experiences with MMORPGs. Back in the days of UO to giving WoW a shot, I have spent alot of time and money invested in these games. But I got to thinking of recent about how unique your unique hero ...


Novels that would make great games Pt.1

Whats that you say? Nobody reads these days? True as that may be, it is rather unfortunate that people don't read enough as they should, there are plenty of books out there that would make terrific video games. In fact, believe it or not...


Best and Worst of NES: Track and Field Genre

Most of us remember any sort of track and field game for the Nintendo. It was usually the same old thing of mashing buttons and tapping a direction in order to complete said event. So basically if you played one track and field game you'v...


A look at Persona-Trinity Soul Anime

So you just beat Persona 3, now what? You could go back and play the first two Persona games or you could go and buy a Japanese copy of Persona 3: FES and get a translation guide, or just wait twiddling your thumbs for FES to come statesid...


YTMND: WoW player fails at Grammar (and life)

This just reminded me of the best part of any message board. That kid that goes off on a wild tangent and doesn't bother to use proper punctuation and grammar in the process. The results? Flaming in return and an even worse response ...


90s Gaming Blunder Part 2: The Super Gameboy

How on earth did I trick myself into buying this one? I am not sure but maybe my teenage mind at the time couldn't process that just because color was being added didn't mean it would make anything better. But it didn't matter, I was ex...


Adult Nerd rants about Lord Vader

Unfortunately I could only find this via YTMND link. Its kind of a long listen but its hilarious. 40 year old guy calls up radio host and tells him to role play with him about star wars. Then some kid calls up and trashes the adult ne...


My 90s Gaming Blunders

They happen. Even when you don't see them coming or can't see how something you think will be great your expectations are crushed. I have had this happen to me many a times growing up when I was ignorant to the crap that gets made in the ...


Huxley: Can and will it work?

In this months issue of GFW, they had a rather lengthy article on "Huxley", the upcoming MMOFPS. Yes you read right, a Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. And although Planetside gets credit for doing this first, it seems t...


Games that Deserve Sequels: Part 6

Good morning Dtoiders! Today should be fun. I stayed up late despite having work in the morning to watch Smokin' Aces and I came to the conclusion that the movie belonged in my top 5 worst movies of all time list. But I digress�shall we ...


Advance Wars: Day of Ruin second impression.

Shorthand Version: The game still rocks Long Version Follows: It amazes me how a turn based game like Advance Wars can last so long without restructuring its game mechanics and still kick ass doing it. Even with Pokemon the combat start...


Games that Deserved a Sequel: Part 5

Well just when I thought the weather would let up here we are again, -25 degrees counting the wind chill in good old Chicago. I swear at 8am this morning if you wanted to you could probably walk 50 yards out on Lake Michigan before the ice...


Old PC heroes Adventure Again in Quest Fighter

Did you ever wonder what would happen if King Graham fought Larry Laffer? Or how about Indiana Jones versus Guybrush Threepwood? You haven't? Well nows your chance to with the freeware game Quest Fighter. Quest Fighter is a simple ...


Advance Wars: Day of Ruin first impressions.

This is going to be a pretty relative short review: It is the same game you've played before. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. Same great turn based gameplay still exists (developers should take note that turn base still works). ...


Games that Deserve a Sequel Part 3

Well here I am, stuck at work til 7pm with a whole lot of nothing to do so here comes the 3rd Edition to "Games that Deserved Sequels" Blackthorne If I were forced to compare this game to other games I would say if you put Prince of Pers...


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