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My gripe with P3:FES

Many months ago when I saw/read about the Japanese getting a Persona 3 "expansion" game, I was green with envy. As great as Persona 3's ending was, it had one of those typical "Vague" Japanese endings where you have no clue what could have ...


YouTube Video of the Week (NVGR)

Hilarity ensues when little sister stays out late to meet a guy she met on MySpace and her brother is there to capture the drama. Note: Yes I know there is a lack of substance here but I couldn't help it?


Loss of Gaming Drive: Does it happen to everyone?

I remember a time when I was able to "play the hell out of a game". For example, not only did I get all the endings in Chrono Trigger but I played the game til I maxed out everyones Speed, Magic, and Power with the proper tabs. I would pl...


A look back at Ultima 7: The Black Gate

There are many reasons to hate EA. They tend to destroy everything and anything that is good in the video game world and just leave it to die like some mule that has done its service and has no more work to do. During its feeding frenzy o...


Before there was Worms there was Scorched Earth

The year was 1991, I was a 9 year old Tragic Hero looking for a new computer game to play. I had already beaten Kings Quest 3 and 4 and I had just completed Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. So now I was without any games to play on my ...


Winner of the Tragic Hero Contest

So after looking over the entries many times over here at work I have decided on a winner. Before I reveal said winner though I would like to thank everyone who entered the Tragic Hero contest. I knew that the contest wouldn't be too ea...


The Tragic Contest *Win Free game*

In light of recent events, I have inherited a pretty decent sum of money in the form of a refund check from my college. This could not have come at a better time seeing as how I owe the state of IL $350 in tollway fines, have some ugly cre...


Morning LOL Cats...

This is in honor of the fact that because of the snow that hit I won't have to go to class this evening and give my half ass speech on the peloponesian war that I did not prepare for. HORRAY!


Dynasty Warriors 6: Hack N' Slash goodness

Over the years Dynasty Warriors 6 has somewhat earned a bad reputation for itself. After many years of the same hack and slash and sub par graphics, many gamers have dubbed this franchise as "boring" and "uninspiring". It almost seemed ...


Why Fallout 3 will be a bad sequel...

I've tried my best from refraining from discussing my disdain and disappointment with the news of the upcoming game play features in Fallout 3. I've tried to overlook all the changes that Bethesda has implemented and the old ones elimina...


Great LAN games of the past

It�s unfortunate that with the advent of *sigh* online gaming that not a lot of these go on anymore. LAN parties were the ultimate way to play games with friends. Nothing beat bringing over your gaming PC and comparing your specs with you...


A "Bloody" PC Classic: Carmageddon

Carmageddon, it doesn't get a whole lot more violent than that. Hell even in No More Heroes you have a reason to kill and are pretty much killing "evil" people. In Carmageddon though, vehicular manslaughter is in the game not only for f...


Working Saturday Boredom: Old people Fighting

Here I am stuck at work on another Saturday. *sigh* I really need a new job. You know it is a boring day when you search for old people fighting on Youtube: And why not add some Dwarven Cage Fighting: Anyone notice that the cag...


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