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Dynasty Warriors 6: Hack N' Slash goodness


The graphics, as you can see from screen shots, have received a great overhaul. The characters actually look good and despite some landscapes looking rather lackluster the whole game in general has received that nice polished it deserved years ago. It's actually nice to see play a DW game where the frame rates don't drop due to action on the screen.

Another interesting feature added to the game is the ability to pick skills when you level up. Each officer has his or her own skill tree that you can augment to your choosing when you level up. Most skills will upgrade your damage, defense, musuo or your renbu (or all of them) and some of them provide new skills like the ability to increase your damage if your health drops so low. This is a very nice change to the classic "Kill an officer and pick up his + damage Item" system that the previous games had.

My only gripe with the game? The hard difficulty is kind of annoying. Not for the fact that it is difficult for me to survive but my ally AI is practically remedial. In the one mission where Lui Bei must survive he decides to run by himself with his army into the main enemy stronghold and then just gets annihilated. It's not a whole lot of fun having to run all across the map to save your leader just because he doesn't realize that if he dies that the mission is over.

Another gripe is that you don't get an option to turn on Japanese Voice acting and that you are stuck with the American voices. Not a big gripe, the American Voice Actors do a decent job but most of us I believe would rather have the voices in Japanese.

I as a Dynasty Warrior fanboy would give this game a 8.9/10 but as a gamer I think I would give it 7.8/10. If you can rent it I would say give it a chance. The game is great with two players and all of us can enjoy some hack and slash now and then.
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