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"Tragic Contest" update/repost/reminder/Kids in the Hall Video?


As much fun as Oedipus sans the incest and stabbing of the eyes

For those of you who might have missed it on Friday, there is the "Tragic Hero" contest going on where the winner gets a free game of their choosing from the steam store. All the official info and rules are located here but the contest is simply whoever can make the best Cblog about a video game "Tragic Hero". It doesn't have to be a tragic hero in the most literal sense but just a character who falls under the characteristics of a tragic hero.

Here are the current entries in case you need to see some examples:

GAMEGOBLIN says "The Boss" from MGS3 is a Tragic Hero

Mix says Aerith from FF7 is a Tragic Hero

Passionate Styos says Ryu from Breath of Fire is a Tragic Hero

The final entry date will be March 7th and the winner will be declared March 8th. Feel free to PM me your cblog link or e-mail it to me at [email protected] if you are afraid I will miss it as the days go on (although ceark does a good job posting them on the recaps).

And apparently I can't promote this contest without a Kids in the Hall video so...

Good luck.
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