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Super Mario Cereal

The rare Super Mario Cereal, while it might not be rare to you where you are, it is for me. So here I am, slapping my grubby hands into sugary bliss after traveling across the entire kingdom to get my hands on it. The box art looks honestly fantastic, well designed and the large, happy Mario made it easy to find on a shelf crammed full of other boxes. Don't be mistaken though, the Amiibo isn't on the front like it looks, it's on the back in the Amiibo white zone. The cereal itself has a great flavor, the box says "Berry Flavored Cereal with Marshmallows" and when I saw the cereal, I wondered how; the star bits are a normal looking cream color for cereal and the marshmallows are... marshmallows. Suprise as I do the dry taste test and find that it indeed tastes like berry. Tasting the mallows, I find that the flavor is actually in the stars. Which was interesting, when cereal companies make things like Trix and other berry flavors they make them multicolored but no, the bland looking stars have the flavor which is actually great because it means they aren't flavorless corn chunks. With milk or Soy in my case, it tastes just as fun. Even in the time I made my coffee the cereal kept its crunchiness. The berry taste is more pronounced and the stars soften up a bit. The downsides of this cereal are that there isn't a lot of Marshmallows at all. I wouldn't mention it if I didn't run clear out of them halfway through my bowl. I just kinda realized they were gone and when I looked at the bag I saw the reason, this might be how marshmallow cereal is normally now though. The biggest complaint and a real one is that when the cereal is dry, the stars are a bit of a hazard. They have long points on them that hurt my mouth every pinch I ate. Overall this was actually really good, aside from the scratches in my mouth from the stars Super Mario Cereal is actually pretty great. Packaging 10/10 Flavor 8/10 Cereal Itself 7/10

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