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Playing Mario for childs play

Just giving you guys the link, these guys will be playing mario all weekend for donations for childs play. Not super exciting, but it's cool and for a good cause. So try to make a donation.

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Hey I'm Tovan, long time gamer and reader of news sites such as Destructoid, like to keep up on the game industry as well as play them, so decided, why not make a news blog? Seemed like the logical choice so I'm going for it.

Nothing really special about me yet, used to be a console gamer, have a Wii and 360. But lately I have been gearing more more PC gaming, mostly Steam actually, playing Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Counterstrike: Source mostly. Steam really stuck to me the first time I used it, just a well organized service.

Anyway that's enough about me. See ya.

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