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Grabbing ass at Otakon 2007

Sometimes I bore easily. When I get bored, I look for ways to entertain myself. It's hard to imagine getting bored at Otakon, with all the batshit things going on around you, but there were times between panels and events when there wasn't much to do but take pictures. I of course took this opportunity to behave like a seven-year-old fucktard. My only regret is that the dozens of other ass grabbing pics we took were lost when most of our video turned out all shitty. It was SO much worse than what you're about to see. This is about 1/10th of the buttgrabs: Dansu: Then I got to spend a few minutes with Hitoshi Sakimoto, (Composer of music for FFXII, FF Tactics, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, etc.) and Hiroaki Yura, (One of the founders of Eminence, who specialize in videogame and anime music): Also Nullsleep, brilliant chiptune artist: I bought some stuff, Then after that, me and the crew walked down to the harbor for dinner, where Pedro took this super-fucking-hi-res shot of the side of my head. I don't know why. Be glad I didn't upload the big one, it's scary. :( And here's another ass grabbing pic. It's of Puppet, but it was too good to leave out.
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