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This, sadly, is the last of the Usavich videos. but fret not, dear fridayers. If you thought these were batshit, wait 'till you see what I've got waiting in the pipeline until the next season comes out. Also, FRIDAY.


A message from Hamza CTZ Aziz

My dear friend and colleague would like to apologize for the lack of a YTMND Thursday this week, as he is busy in San Francisco, attending GDC and going to parties and probably groping the boobs of unsuspecting young ladies and doing lots o...


READY TO FRIDAY (epic video edition)

I know most of you are expecting another episode of Usavich this week, and I'll post more of those soon. But today, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my brother. We only recently discovered that he makes these videos sometimes...



Give me one good reason to get out of bed today. [Edit: whatever you do, do NOT click BuckF1tches's link to the uranium babies. It's horrible. I mean horrible. Don't do it. Just don't. I repeat, do NOT click that link. You don't want to ...


Dear 2007,

I never liked you. At first you seemed like you might be cool, but man did you ever change your tone. What'd I ever do to you? Why'd you have to be such an asshole? 2006 wasn't an asshole. What were you trying to prove? I've had quite enoug...



I'm glad Christmas is over. It means it's almost a new year, and since this past year has sucked, I'm hoping 2008 will be much better. It sure can't be much worse. Anyway, I got to hang out and play video games with my niece this week, ...



Blipfestival '07 has finally arrived, and that's where I'll be doing my Fridaying. If you're in the New York area, come say hi and buy me something to eat! So ready. FRIDAY!



So it's Black Friday. I've never really understood what that is, all I know is that millions of lunatic consumers across America woke up this morning before I even went to bed, in order to go shopping for a holiday that's more than a mont...


RetroforceGO! will be late this week

WTF, how could you let this happen, I thought you were taking the pills? What do you mean it's my fault? How the ... what are we ... what are we gonna do? Are you sure? Wait, that's not a plus sign, it' more like a ... division symbol. Wi...



So many good games coming up over the next few weeks. What are you guys looking forward to most? Also, FRIDAY. FRIDAY!!


Your generation sucks: Part 1

Yes, you. You know who you are. Welcome to my new feature, dedicated to all the things I loved as a young man. Things that many people my age once loved, but have now been torn away from us by you wretched tweenies with your eyeliner and yo...


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