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Nintendo Restocked Their Supply of NES and SNES Minis with Refurbished Consoles


Nintendo’s massively popular NES and SNES Classic Edition Mini consoles, which were infamous on release for their limited stock and high demand, are now back on sale on Nintendo’s official website at discounted prices. The catch? The consoles are used and refurbished. 

The consoles themselves are a basically a ‘greatest hits’ collection of the NES and SNES respectively, and their faithful, but miniature, designs made them highly desirable for fans of retro gaming. The NES contains 30 games while the SNES contains only contains 21, with one of these games being the unreleased Star Fox 2. The NES Mini in particular is noted for being the console that started the Mini console craze that other companies are following with miniatures of their own; notable examples include Sega’s Genesis Mini, Konami’s TurboGrafx-16 Mini, and Sony’s Playstation Mini. 

This downside is that Nintendo is not manufacturing more of these limited-edition consoles, instead they are reselling refurbished consoles and offering a price cut. The condition of these refurbished consoles is a bit unclear. The store page promises that every console is in working condition and contains all the parts, and any noticeable blemishes are purely cosmetic, so the condition may vary on a case-by-case basis. To ensure customer satisfaction, each console will come with a 1-year warranty. It is unknown if the consoles will come in their original packaging, or if they will be packaged loose. 

At launch, the NES Mini console retailed for approximately $79.99 CAD ($59.99 USD) and the SNES for $99.99 CAD ($79.99 USD), but these prices have since skyrocketed with new consoles being resold online by collectors for prices ranging from $130 to $250. Nintendo is selling these refurbished consoles for a refreshingly modest $64.99 CAD ($49.99 USD) for the NES, and $89.99 CAD ($69.99 USD) for the SNES. Due to the current pandemic, shipping times for these consoles may be delayed. This may be your last chance to get a hold of these models of gaming history before all stock goes to the online price-gougers. 

- "Power flows to the one who knows how. Desire alone is not enough." — Megatron

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