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Tony Ponce was able to build this AMA in a cave


The other day, the lovely Brittany Vincent posted an AMA so that the readers could get to know their favorite new editor a little better. I love it when the "big dawgs" open themselves up to the community like that. I love it when anyone opens up -- I remember years ago when "10 Things You Don't Know About X" swept the Cblogs and we got to be so intimate with one another.

But despite how much I love these moments of candid conversation, I don't think I've ever once engaged in such activities. And that's dumb. How come, Tony, you bastard? Don't you want to make friends? Don't keep those secrets bottled up!

I mean, what do you guys even know about me anyway? Aside from my unhealthy obsession with Mega Man merch, but c'mon, that's hardly a secret. Did I ever tell you about the time I ran with the bulls? No, of course not, because I'm a jerk who doesn't share his amazing life experiences.

(By the way, I totally almost got stomped on by some bulls!)

I want to give this whole AMA thing a shot. I want to answer some off-the-wall questions about nothing in particular. I want to be your friend, hero, lover, sugar daddy, etc. Let's make it happen!

So... ummm... begin, I guess?

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