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I Killed Two Family Members to Enjoy "Papers, Please"


Yes, that's right. I did it. I killed off my uncle and mother-in-law just to be able to enjoy a video game. While they were around I just couldn't concentrate and have fun - not with them constantly bugging me, saying they're cold and hungry or feeling sick... And I just couldn't both provide food, heat and  medicine for the whole family of four and play my game without thinking back about it all.

So they left me no choice. I went on and denied them medicine when they needed it - fully aware that they were going to die. But I've already lost a family once because I couldn't feed them - and it's not something that makes you enjoy your video games, is it?

Do I regret my crime? Well, yeah, I started to wish I'd kept them alive after I got a little better at my job and started taking bribes - although only small ones. Still, I was able to move to a new apartment, adopted my niece, bought an expensive present for my sickly offspring and was finally able to complete Papers, Please. Yes, now I sometimes wish I could start everything over and look for a better way. Sometimes I just can't fall asleep and keep thinking that...

Oh, sorry, there's someone at the door. Must be the water delivery.

Hello, Mr Tonich. It is so good that you have decided to confess. Makes my job so much easier. I can not guarantee that the Ministry will take your sincere confession into consideration - you are a murderer, after all.
Anyway, please, come with me. GLORY TO ARSTOZKA!
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