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Random Battle Broken, Give Me Brawl Friend Codes


Apparently random online battle for Brawl is having problems. So sayeth the internet. So as of now I can only do friend battles, which would be fine if i had more than 2 friends that owned this game. This is where you come in Destructoid, give me your friend codes! I realize there's a forum post about Brawl friend codes but A) Nobody goes to the forums and B) I don't want to go through and PM everyone in there that I added them. So basically, if you'd like me on your brawl friend list post your code below. Only post it if you're going to add me since it's pointless for me to add you if you don't add me as well since it's a mutual thing. Yeah, lovely friend code system. Anyways, here's my code: 2492-3780-7931
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