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A change of pace

Lately I have felt a need to play something different. So I decided to try some PC gaming for a bit and take a break from my Xbox360. I have always loved the Lord of the Rings series and being that I have a couple freinds that already play...


top 20 in B class

Well I have finally finished laying down banker laps for all of B class for Forza3. For those that dont know what a banker lap is, I will explain. A banker lap is just a lap to get in the books... it is by no means a top lap. But even wit...


Fun with a couple classics

Well being that my wheel is broken; my hotlapping has been put on hold. But I still cant get enough car porn. So, yesterday I took a couple classics out for a spin around the Benchmark Tracks for a bit of playground fun. The first car was...


Back in the saddle again....

As many of you have seen I havnt been around too much these past few weeks. The reason is simple: I had to move and also we were in the midst of changing owners in our business. So, as you might expect, this has taken an extremely large amo...


The Face of Greed

We are told daily by the Media, the Govt., the Corporations and damn near everyone else out there; that we are in a recession. Well, Bobby Kotick the CEO is no exception . As reported at [URL="http://news.spong.com/article/18838/Activision...


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I am literally a video game addict. Fortunately my wife supports my addiction. I have been playing games since 1978 when I got my first Atari 2600. I never looked back. I havnt played every game out there... but I sure have played more than my fair share.

We live in the Florida Keys where we enjoy biking, boating, kayaking, swimming, and of course driving as fast as I can...hehe