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The start of the affair: Bioshock and Narrative (Spoilers!)

First off the main point of this article is to speak about how Bioshock has changed the way I looked at games
and how it got me to start questioning the actions I make in games. Bioshock opened my eyes to the fact that
a game can use its own mechanics to impact the story in many ways.

I should talk about the actual moment that made me start thinking about games in a different way. You the
player are staring Mr.Ryan in the eyes getting ready to give that bastard what he deserves. This is when he
reveals the secret about yourself. You in fact are just a tool that when the words "would you kindly" are
spoken to you, you become a tool that has to follow that command. That moment really shows that in fact it is
not the character but YOU the player actually became the tool.

This is where it started. Soon I started to think about it. The whole time you never ever question the actions
you make. Most of the time you only need little justifications for your actions as a player. For me what was
that inspiration? Simple, I was playing a game I do what it tells me to. But,in real life I would never do that I'd
usually need for of a reason. I would normally question my action,s but in a game I blissfully go ahead and do
what I'm told. The designers knew this and used it against me.

It never occurred to me that when I play a game I, in a way, drop all of my reasoning and go "Fuck it I'll do
whatever you want". Ever since I have played that part in Bioshock I now look at how I play games in a
different way. I'm more questioning of my actions, I try to think about why I'm doing these things and what
exactly are my motivations. I now think more like the character, almost like an actor examining his/her part to
be able to act out the character effectively. In a way Bioshock helped me try to become more immersed into
the game by making me want to understand motivations and think of how these actions can bite me in the

A recent example of this being applied to other games is when I finally played GTA 4. In GTA 4 your faced
with many decisions that can potentially affect the story or not affect it at all. Although,for sake of not
spoiling anything I'll beat around the bush here. When I was faced with one of these choices I would think
about Neko's motivations. I would think about who would be affected if I didn't kill whoever or I would think
about how it would affect Neko, what would happen if I killed this man that fucked with wrong guy? What is
it that I'm bringing upon myself by doing what I'm about to do? It helped me feel for Neko and made me feel like
I was Neko. All of this was thanks to Bioshock opening my eyes to the fact that the simple inspirations of "It's
just a game" can affect you in the actual game itself. Bioshock has affected me in many ways of how I look
at narrative in games and has made me think about how decisions in games can have much more justification
than we think.
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