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My Irrational Fears and Shadow of the Colossus


Along long time ago in a far off land a game came out called Shadow of the Colossus,it did pretty well and
amazed many minds, including mine, but as of late somethings weird has happened. Last week after finally
beating GTA 4 and Lost Odyssey, I was really bored so I decided to run through a couple of my old PS2
games and I decided to go back to Shadow of the Colossus. After popping it in what came to my surprise
was, when I approached the first colossus I was scared shitless.

For me this is really odd because originally I had completed this game with out a problem never feeling the
horrible chill when the colossus turns and stares you down as I do now. First time I popped in the disk I was
not filled with the sweet feeling of wonder that I originally had, I was filled with a odd fear stopping me from
even moving out of the temple you start in.

But what could this mean? Have I suddenly just grown a fear of a things incredibly bigger than me? Or am I
just afraid of being alone? Yes, it's odd I know. I told my friends about that and they found it weird that I was
getting chills from Shadow of the Colossus but when I start riding on my horse on that expansive land and
stare down to the sight of nothing, it frightens me.
In a way its more scarier than any horror game I've ever played. Resident Evil? Nah. Silent Hill? Not Really. But
running around alone in wide land to soon be stared down by a giant colossus is truly a horror game for me.
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