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A cast of thousands...of Final Fantasies

For this monthly musing I wanted to write about three characters rather than one. I wanted to write about the characters I really liked and looked up to when I was younger.So that being said off to my story. The Final Fantasy games have a...


My Irrational Fears and Shadow of the Colossus

Along long time ago in a far off land a game came out called Shadow of the Colossus,it did pretty well and amazed many minds, including mine, but as of late somethings weird has happened. Last week after finally beating GTA 4 and Lost Od...


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I'm a currently high school student in a small town in Canada. I'm interested in most genres but for most of my life(Short Life) I was always especially fond of JRPGS. I have been a somewhat long time viewer of Dtoid, but have never really gathered enough motivation to take my hand at a blog. Hopefully I do not fail too much and maybe I'll end up writing something interesting.

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