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Conventions: Baby Steps

I've never been to a big con. Hell, I've never been to a con. Chance wanted me to change continents arount the time I was old enough to get into that stuff. Now I live in Poland, successfully blocked from all the fun. Anything in North Arem...


Proof that Nintendo hates pigs

Pigs have always been one of the most polarizing animals out there. For some, they are an ample replacement for a dog. For others, they are nothing but a source of food. For Nintendo, they are the scum of the word we know today. Now you wo...


The thanks we should have given #2

Here we go again: scrubbing the annals of video game history to discover the origins of many of today's gameplay elements. Nintendo will once again be the star of the article, creating one of the greatest side objectives: Achievements One...


The thanks we should have given. #1

I've already delved into Nintendo's console innovation in hardware, along with what it actually means. But Nintendo is behind much more than just new console ideas: a lot of elements found throughout games today were first conceived by Miya...


This waggle...

As we all know, Nintendo spent the last few years making their consoles gimmicky. This gave us the Nintendo DS, 3DS, Wii and now, the Wii U. They portray them as the "future of gaming", and "unique experiences", and we eat it up (although w...


Cafe's pack in game should be....

With the screen on Nintendo's next console imminent, a lot of people are already shaking their heads at it. They already consider it to be a fad, and won't give it a second thought. But please do think about it. This is a possibility for gr...


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