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Todd Sauceda
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About Todd Saucedaone of us since 12:09 AM on 02.06.2012

Hi, bonjour, ola! Yes, I'm Todd, but you can call me Toddifer or Batman (psst, I'm secretly Nathan Drake). So, in a nutshell I pride myself in being a hardcore gamer ("when you live hardcore..") movie buff (only the good stuff, and by that I mean Harrison Ford good) fighter, soccer junkie, and gunslinger extraordinaire. I love long walks in the streets of Whiterun, dancing with Asari in the clubs of the Citadel, and having a cold beer with Sully. I'm a part time student, part-part time Gamestop employee, and full time Spectre. So, hit me up on XBL or PSN.

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