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About Toastycowone of us since 9:21 PM on 12.07.2011

Who the heck am I? Well, to be quite honest It's a question I ask myself alot.(Not to be all boo hoo or anything) I'm in high school. Im one of those teenagers who puts up a good show for people at school, then I get home and nerd out. To be totally honest, some people would say I am a cool kid, but that is unbelievably untrue. I am friends with all the kids at my school, from stoner,jock, ghetto kids and nerds galore, and I have insecurities too, but that's beside the point.

I got started playing video games at around 6 or 7 years old. One day, I was in my Mom's room after coming home from school. My mom told me to stay in there and not come out. My mom eventually came into the room and plopped something rectangular in my lap (Rather half heartedly too). Then with a sigh of depression (Almost as if to say "what have I done"?) she walked out. I picked up the thing in my lap and after a half a second of confusion, I screamed "A GAMEBOY ADVANCE". And then...silence. I booted it up and started playing the game in the cartridge. Sorry to say but I can't remember the name of it. Some kind of crappy jrpg. I was too young to hate it.

I bet you, that's the one thing my mom whishes she had never done. Now I'm an avid gamer and an awesome older brother, who passes everything he knows about video games down to the younger generation.

I got the Idea for my gamer tag, one day not to long ago. My friends and I decided we would do let's play video's (I'll put a link up as soon as I get it). So we mutually decided on code names. Mine was generally anything that has to do with toast. So if you start seeing toast on the internet it's probably me...Unless it's toastedjelly. He's someone else.

As of now, I am playing, Skyrim, LA NOIRE, Saints Row The Third, Batman Arkham City, Minecraft, Terraria and Portal 2 co op with my totally un-cooperative brother. My favorite Video Games would have to be, Skyrim, Skyward Sword, One of the pokemon's (I can't remember. something about valuable gems), Minecraft, Batman Arkham City and other stuff. I know there isn't alot of old games in there, but I'm only 14. Anyway... thanks for reading my life story. (The, like, 3 of you)