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Blizzcon 2009... going, going, GONE!

Blizzcon 2009 has come and gone! I'm officially a Blizzard fan after attending this event! Here's a video showing some of the people that I met, and showcasing some of the games that were promoted this year: Diablo 3, World of Warcraft: C...


Video: Intel LANFest 2009 - Sacramento

I was part of the Sacramento LANFest last weekend (July 24-26) and spent about a day there - many of the over 300 gamers attended the whole 48 hours. Took some video and photos of the event and rolled it into a short video... over $20...


Helloooo - from the new old guy!

Hey Dtoid'ers - I wanted to introduce myself... I've been gaming for oh... geez, about 30 years (!) and I found out about this site through work. I work at Intel, and I've been here for 14 years this summer ('09) - it's been a wild rid...


Intel sez hi - w00t!

Ok to be honest, I'm just here for the games! Friday Night Fights is new to me, but seems like a really cool ladder competition... To be honest, I just can't seem to get a high-score on the cannon game... ugh - who can help me!?! to be...


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I'm a technology enginer @ Intel and I also have a serious passion for PC gaming. I believe my first gaming system was "PONG" and I had somewhat of the oddball Odyssey2 gaming system when I was younger. We even had the add-on voice module! Eventually, I became the owner of an Apple ][+ (yes all 48k of goodness) with the Apple Monitor III (green monochrome)... little did I know that my endless days of BASIC programming,and BBS surfing would bring me to where I am today... I have build countless dozens of PCs, Servers, etc and my house is full of technology.

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