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My Re-Intro Blog

Well, I think its safe to say we all got started off to the wrong foot here. My first intro blog wasnt really an intro blog, and I have to say I am quite ashamed of it. If you missed it: "Hey Guys, Im Toad Sage....nice to meet all of you....


About Toad Sageone of us since 12:16 AM on 04.06.2010

Hello. Im Toad Sage.
I am a pretty avid gamer and movie watcher. There are only a few games I don't like...but some of my favorites are:
Final Fantasy
Animal Crossing
Gears of War. Of course I have more, but I really don't want to mention them all. Right now im playing Final Fantasy 13 and I am really loving it. Anyway, Hope we can all be friends!

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