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So a while back I did a little retrospective on Tiger's Game.Com handheld. It's, uh, certainly a handheld. Anyways, I recently found a Game.Com Pocket Pro handheld at a local game store, new in package! I bet you're wondering if it's better. It's


Black Friday stuffs: PSVR Bundle with controllers, Superhot and Creed (need suggestions for VR gameses!) Overwatch for XB1 A whole buncha Fallout figures that were on sale.


I'm in the mood to relax. What's your go to video game to play when you just want to chill out and relax?


Halloween is almost upon us! I haven't been invited to any Halloween parties yet, but I am going to a local cigar bar dressed as Kyle Katarn. Gonna smoke some cig-ars and drink some Corellian Ale. Or regular ale. Whatever's on tap. Or on special.


I bought as much Starlink stuff as I could today. I think i'm missing one or two weapons but i'm pretty sure i got everything else.


Anyone else still kinda amazed that you can play a multiplayer game with people that aren't in the same room as you? Or even the same zip code?


I am buying too much stuff. I need to do less of it. Any suggestions for games that will help distract me from spending unnecessary funds?


Picked up a backlit/biverted Game Boy off of Etsy and there's a speck of dust underneath the screen plate. Fffffffff-


My pile of shame is getting bigger. Damn Limited Run games being so damn, uh, limited...


Work has kept me from blogging. Woosh. But I have been playing a ton of Breath of The Wild on my new Switch. Jesus Christ, that is a fun game.


I like Wingull! He's cute!


In between work and, uh, work, I've been buying PS Vita games. Not playing them. Buying them. There are a whole lotta obscure games on the Vita. And a lot of them involve either dating anime boys or underage girls doing decidedly non-underage-girl things.


Starting a new job tomorrow. Didn't I already do that in August? Yeah. Movin' on up! Gonna be a production assistant at a local TV station!


So I may be a little little bit infrequent on the Cblogs in the near future. I just started working at Best Buy! Woohoo! Employment! I'm totally gonna buy a Xbox One and then not play it 'cause of all of the holiday shopping season craziness!


Quick posts? Man, the future is here! DTOID is pretty awesome right this second! BTW I own this:


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