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New Freezepop CD Released Today!


As about 15 of you, tops, know a new Freezepop CD was released today.

The CD, "Future Future Perfect Perfect" is available through www.freezepop.com (or at least you can find a link to somewhere to buy it there) and is ONLY $9.99.

I've had the pleasure of listening to the full CD straight through and I can tell you it doesn't fall anywhere short of amazing; which is exactly what I would expect from Freezepop.

Plus, one of the tracks, "Brainpower" is supposidly Freezepop's song in Rock Band. You guys really can't go wrong with this so do NOT delay.

Plus if you live near Boston/Cambridge you should go to their CD release party/show.

Quote directly from their page:
thursday, september 27 - our boston record release show! at the middle east downstairs, 472 mass ave, cambridge. with ad frank and the fast easy women, fantasy mirrors (the artists formerly known as cassette), and provocateur. 18+, $10 in advance, $12 day of show. this is an amazing line-up so you should definitely get there early anyway... but as an added bonus, we are giving away symbion project or karacter CDs to the first 150 people at the door!

That is everything you need to know, only $9.99 to get the newest cd from what is EASILY my favorite band.

Okay, take it easy guys.
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