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I just completed "I Want To Be The Guy!"

Okay guys, I just had to come out here and say this, after about a week or so of straight playing I just beat "I Want To Be The Guy!"

First off, if you have no idea what that is, go check out Hamza's story about it.

I have to admit this game is one of the most fun experiences I have ever had in freeware.

The punishing difficulty is brilliant and beating the game (or even just a screen) feels like an absolutely enormous accomplishment. I cannot really say that the pacing is done well though. It starts of ludicrously difficult and doesn't really let up for the entire game.

There are an uncountable amount of video game references strewn throughout the game and several memorable moments. (Mainly the boss fights.)

I just had to come on here and mention that I had beaten the game (on hard) to you guys.

I'm sure you've all heard of it but in the small case that you have not and are curious about it, please go download the demo (or the full game) here.
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