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DTOID NY: Invading Centralia!

Okay kids, so the time has come for the Dtoid NY NARP team to take things to a whole new level. Not only are we throwing together fantastic events such as drinking, eating BBQ, and playing oldschool video games, but now we take things to a...


Just got Brawl!

Hey guys. I found a copy of Brawl earlier today and while I can't really reveal my sources or as to where I got it, the games pretty damn awesome. Everything I was hoping for and more. I like the little tweaks they made to the gameplay a...


EA has impressed me beyond belief.

So when I purchased Rock Band my new Fender guitar had broken within 3 hours of use. I immediately submitted my request for a new guitar on the Rock Band replacement parts page. I was in no rush for a new guitar because I personally did n...


Guitar Hero 3 Demo In (some) Stores!

So, I'm at work, typing away at my computer and I recieve a text message from my local Game Crazy in Byram, New Jersey. Seems that they just got an in store Guitar Hero 3 demo. I'm headed over there during lunch to go check it out, I'll h...


Orange Box Advice, 360 or PC

So, I have them both pre-ordered and I'm planning on picking up one of them tonight. The big dilemma is, Orange Box on the 360 or the PC. I really want it on my PC, but thats been acting up lately. Plus if I get it on PC, I can give a fe...


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