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A Humble Reminder of Mojang's Mojam+ UPDATE!


Who are these finely animated characters? Why, they are Mojang of course! (Spoiler: It's written in the image.) These are the chaps responsible for the ridiculously popular and grindtastic blockathon, Minecraft! With the respect of the collective gaming community and money-insulated studio in Stockholm, they've decided to take on a daunting challenge for charity. I'm sure many of you are aware of the Humble-Bundle/Mojang collaborative game jam, I'm simply here to remind you that the event is going down. It's happening. Right now, and you can watch it live! If you've ever wanted to watch a bunch of Swedish dudes make a game from start to finish, then today is your lucky day!

Mojang gave themselves 60 hours, the better part of a weekend, to create a game from scratch. The past few days the direction of the game was left to the vote of gamers around the world. They got to vote on the game's genre and theme. The votes were tallied and the winner is a Steampunk RTS. Should be interesting, right? I'm still a little bitter that it's not a dungeon crawler (the votes were so close!), but I'm confident it will still be an enjoyable game.

The game will be a pay what you want, and all the proceeds will go to charity, so it's something you should keep an eye on this weekend. As an added bonus, if the game reaches a million dollars, Notch will shave his beard. So donate and humiliate a man on a global scale.

Do it for the children.

*Update* It appears that Mojang is getting some backup and not one, but THREE games are coming out of this. Oxeye and Wolfire are joining into the fray! Wolfire will be doing a game with the same premise of Mojang and their original project (Now titled Catacomb Snatch, while Oxeye is taking on the second place category, which will be a dungeon crawler beat 'em up set in post-apocalyptic WW2.

Holy pants this is great news. Two games now, and I finally get my dungeon crawler. I suspect it'll be some kind of Wolfenstein-esque game where the character has to explore Nazi Bunkers that are filled with zombies and mutants after an atomic bombing. I hope it's a roguelike and we get to fight demon Hitler.

Who else might join? Many games have been made in 24 hours, so there's always time for more developers to join in and make this game jam bigger and better! One can always hope.

40 more hours to go.
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