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Thursday Throwback: My Very First Time.

[This is yet another instance where I have very little time on my hands, but I want to keep with my daily postings. Thursday Throwbacks will be a nostalgia trip where I bring you all back in time with me to one of my favorite video game memories from my life, or maybe a retro review. or really anything that turns the proverbial clock back a few years and give you a glimpse of where I've come from.]

It's one of my most vivid memories. I remember almost every detail, every emotion. The pure joy of that day will be something I will remember fondly into my old age. There I was, an unexpected and unaware youngling, about to experience something wonderful and unique that would change me forever...Can you guess what it was?

I booted up the game that morning, and loaded up my dad's save...Only to find that it had been wiped clean of progress! The glitch that plagued so many (And that we didn't know about back in the day), had wiped ALL of my father's hard work...Resetting his game to 0%. One of my father's huge flaws, and something I learned a lot from, was he had a bad temper. While he did not yell or break the Playstation, or anything that drastic...He never really played video games again until he died. He would come in and ask me for a race here and there on Gran Turismo 3 (Of course, I bought this game day-1!)...But he never got into video games ever again after that day.

This was a valuable lesson to a young kid like me, that I should never get so involved with video games that it makes me hate them should things go wrong. I promptly forgot about this as a teenager when I got my hands on Halo...But that's another story for another time.

My first and favorite racing-class car =)

Gran Turismo 2 was my first video game, ever. It gave me everything the precision reflexes required for First-Person-Shooters down the line, to some life lessons I never thought I'd learn from video games. It was my first obsession, and remains one of my favorite video game franchises of all time. It was the source of some of my favorite childhood memories, and some of the only ones I can remember of people very dear to me. It influenced my entire childhood, from the friends I made to the time I spent alone.

It was what turned me into a gamer, and for that...I am forever grateful.
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