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Special Pre-E3 Blog! " 'Twas The Night 'Fore E3... "

Hey all! Told you I'd have something special for you all today. So, I fancy myself a bit of a writer, and I decided to challenge myself creatively this week and do a copycat poem of " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas "...But about E3! I see it fitting considering E3 is tomorrow...

So maybe snuggle up under a blanket for a minute, get your favorite beverage, and get into that E3 spirit. Enjoy, guys.

'Twas the night 'fore E3, and the 'net went cold

No flamers were flaming...Not even the trolls.

The gamers discussed about things, old and new

In hopes that their predictions, all would come true.

Some had already passed out in their chairs,

As dreams of tomorrow danced in the air.

And tonight, like all nights, I filled my gaming-news void

By staying up late, and checking up on Destructoid.

And just as I was leaving, to turn my lights out,

Somebody tweeted: "Everyone! Check this out NOW!!!"

Away to the internet, I flew like a bird

To catch any last morsel, to know what's the word!

The webpage I opened was to my surprise,

The same one upon which I'd last laid my eyes.

Confused, I scrolled down, and what did I see?

If you'd believe it...It was the floor of E3!

Not like a picture, or a video feed...

The real thing, right there! My hand passed through the screen!

I tumbled right in...Took a chance, made the choice.

I was surrounded by others, and we heard a loud voice!

"Welcome all gamers, of every genre and creed,

To the dream you all dreamed, being here, at E3!

You've all been chosen because you're the TRUE gamers,

Not trolls or elitists, nor fanboys or flamers!

Tonight you'll have all of E3 to yourselves

You won't share the floor with anyone else!

I hope you enjoy, for time is a wastin'

You don't want to waste THIS gaming vacation!"

Silence came then, and murmuring after

But the stage then parted, and our hearts beat faster!

We saw a figure come out, and to our surprise...

It was the God of Gaming himself, right in front of our eyes!

He was dressed just like anyone, just a regular guy

But you could tell it was him by the look in his eyes.

For behind his kind face was the soul of all gamers,

The love of the game, and all of its players.

"Now this night is special..." he said with a smile

"For you'll all get a chance at the ultimate prize.

At the end of the night, I shall take only one

To be my personal student in the Gaming Beyond!

We'll be off in that land, crafting together,

All the games to made, for forever and ever.

The ultimate dream for every true fan,

To play and create all the games that they can.

Now go forth and game to your heart's delight!

May all of you always remember this night!"

And so we went forth, out onto the floor

To play and to game like never before.

It was like christmas day, and we were all small

Tearing apart each new present and loving it all!

But it eventually ended, and we already missed it

Then he gathered us all to select his apprentice

He said not a word, just pointed at someone.

She came up to the stage; Bewildered, confunded.

And as the room faded, I heard through the glow...

"Happy E3 to everyone...And to all, a good show"

The End.
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