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TellTale Adventures with Steve Purcell

GDC kicked off to a tasty start for the Destructoid team at TellTale Games' party held at Cellar. Naturally we couldn't say no to the prospect of zombie makeup, karaoke, and free drinks, but little did I know that the party's most exciting attraction (for me, anyway) was the presence of the one and only Steve Purcell. In the flesh! And also sporting a rather adventurous leather hat.

For those of you not familiar with the man and his work, Purcell is known for his artistic contributions on many of the classic LucasArts adventure games. More significantly however, he is recognized as the brain machine behind the lovingly twisted partners in crime Sam an Max. It would be an understatement to say I was somewhat starry eyed and whiskey soured upon my approach to Mr. Purcell, in utter awe of the fact that I was about to meet one of the artists that truly set the ground rules for my sense of humor and my love for adventure games while growing up.

Chad and I both approached him at first asking for photos, an idea that was suddenly overshadowed by another fan's request for a drawing. Notebook-less I called the attention of Joey the bartender for a cocktail napkin and asked the same of Mr. Purcell, only to sign it for .tiff (of course).

And then there was Max! Exclaiming quite enthusiastically that .tiff is "Not a real name!". The sight of it set my fan girl flame on full blaze, and I beamed happily clinging to the napkin as I parted ways.

Of course after gushing all of my fan girl pheromones all over Mr. Purcell, singing Material Girl with Leigh Alexander, and somehow making it home by the end of the night, I found the other drawing after all. You can better believe that I'll be framing these babies and keeping them forever!
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