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Entry #1. Or EA, the Fox News of PR.

My first entry here on DToid will not be one that many people will agree with. But that's ok. I don't enjoy intentionally causing trouble. Yet I didn't want another "Hay guyz! I are new! I am coolz like youz!" But a "hello, and this is my first post" this is. So what the heck am I going to talk about?

After reading about EA forums bans are still locking out customers from their games, I went on a rant. Well, more like my EA hate ramblings. I get one every now and then. As a former employee of a customer service center for a large gaming retailer, we harbor a lot of distrust, angst, and hatred for all things EA.

Crap like this is why I really dislike EA.

I never posted why I despise EA as much as I do.

The long and short of it. I'm a Sims fan and support the creative mind that is Will Wright. So when Sims 3 was released, of course I bought it. My computer exceeded the requirements, but the game would only last 5 minutes before freezing or causing a blue screen. A lot of going back and forth with EA's "support" led to no resolution. The last response I received from them still blamed me and my computer for being the reason for the game not working. Roughly 4 months later I'd say they finally caved in an offered me another of their products that was direct download from their website. I got a $19.99 game for a $79.99 product (collector's edition of course) that I can never play. Thanks EA. Glad you were worthless.

The game I picked was the Spore add-on. That was a mistake.

Let's see that was 2009, and my new computer with much better specs still can't play Sims 3. I'm not the only one. There are thousands who encounter the same issue as me and we rant about it on the Sims forums under EA's thumb. It seems to enjoy eating up every ounce of processing power on your computer. No rhyme or reason. It just does on certain computers and not on others. Last time I attempted to play, it blew out my heatsync, causing a long no computer stint while it was being repaired. A big middle finger to EA all around.

The other reason for my hate is due to my old job. We dealt with EA. A lot. They have a really bad habit of playing "blame the retailer." Remember that sale on Steam for Crysis and a bunch of the product keys weren't working? EA kept sending people back to Steam for either new keys or to blame them for the issue, when really it was just EA not activating any of them.

In my personal experience, anything that had to deal with a pre-order bonus from EA (Warhammer Online comes to mind) or a beta experience (...just about everything that comes from EA on this one) they always screw up. Either they provide us with codes that they never activate, only gave us 100 codes to feed hundreds of thousands of customers, or give us codes that are never valid (typically due to an incorrect number/letter sequence-that the codes were right if you just jumbled everything and eventually deciphered the code). Imagine sitting for months on end, day in and day out, hearing phone calls and reading e-mails about "My code for Warhammer doesn't work!" "My code for this beta isn't active!" "EA said you all have to give me a new code!"

Not just a few days. Months.

You get jaded very fast when you know you and your coworkers have no control over EA's whims.

Since the Sims 3, I haven't purchased an EA product. Go me. Though I am caving in for SW:TOR. And ONLY SW:TOR. I still see BioWare as the primary holder of the title. EA is just a means of publicity and distribution.

So back to the main topic EA is a bunch of dicks. I'm of the position that they really are a corporate money-making machine and have thrown all concerns about customers out the window a long time ago. So enjoy the continued hate bashing!

To read more excerpts, please visit my blog The Geek Spot.
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