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With the Switch tax in place I fully expect to buy Persona 5 The Royal in 2021 for my PS5 for less money than Persona 5 S for the Switch on the same day.


Opening Day all over the place


In not-racist news it appears that Crackdown 3 gives Asians a 10% bonus to driving.


The company I sold my Blizz account to has done a better job of dressing it up than I did when I sold it to them. They're also asking triple what they gave me. Wish them luck. Would feel kinda validating to see them get the money they're asking for.


On the subject of RE2, I'm in agreement. I'm playing as Claire and still only in the police station but this has been a much more "pure" RE experience than any of the previous over-the-shoulder games. It's great.


Looks like I'm selling ye olde Battle.net account today. I was no casual Blizz fan. I'm letting go of a lot of effort and sunken cost in order to help push into a new venture. Happy and sad times.


Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China is free on Uplay for Chinese New Year. /shrug I liked it.


Del's on stage embarrassing himself at Capcom Cup right now. Catching a bad one, as it were.


Whadya know, Battlefield 5 turned out alright.


Think it's time to sell off the ol' bnet account.


Dudes! One of my favorite Euro-jank games of the past year is free today on Steam. Great game despite the virtually non-existent player base. https://store.steampowered.com/app/638070/Murderous%20/


Need advice guys. Going to buy a switch and a few games for my me and my nieces, aged four to seven. Which would be better for us, Arms or Mario Tennis Aces?


I didn't care about D3 on switch until just now.


Two hours into Yakuza 0 I'm wondering how I roped myself into buying this weeb shit. Then I get to the Burusera story. Now we're getting somewhere.


Hey Xbox Game Pass users, is there a simple and clean way for you guys to view the available catalog or is it a total mess like the Windows 10 store?


I got all sentimental during the Captain Spirit trailer. That was me in the 80s.


Okay, I think I came into E3 with low expectations. This Microsoft conference blows EA's away, and I thought EA's was pretty good.


Go Team Lunara in Nexomania!


Picked up Juicy Realm on steam today. This game looks too cute/cool.


Has anybody played Pizza Titan Ultra yet?


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