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I just might regret this

Hey people! How's life? Why am I asking? Cause I really don't care. So as of right now I just might possibly have some bad news for anybody reading this. It gets worse if your a fanboy of a certain game series that doesn't appear to be ending any time soon...

So, recently I've picked up some games. One of these games include multiple other games with that game. A few of the games were great! Of course one of them was really short and weird... But moving on I played one game that I heard was really great. So I jumped into it with an eagerness to be apart of the greatness. After about 2 hours in I got pissed. Few months later I beat this game. To be honest I really liked the story and all but is something that matters more to me then a story. And that one thing is game play. And the game play to be was well rough.

This game was FPS and all and came with something of an auto lock-on for when firing in a vehicle. That is one thing that game me the most trouble. This system would lock on at the most stupid of times like when an enemy airship was directly above me and my gun couldn't aim directly up. I also had problems using the power system of this game.

The power was used for everything. By that I mean I used it for sprinting, oxygen when I was under water, and even a flashlight. Of course I started to wonder when flashlights stopped using their own batteries. But the energy bar for these uses was very short and drained pretty fast. It failed me at the worst of times. At one time I was trying to run for cover and I used the energy to sprint. I only got a good 6 or 7 steps out of it before the energy was gone and I was killed a few seconds later.

One thing in this game that made me happy was the difficulty. It was kinda hard. I was in fact shocked and wasn't prepared for that at the beginning. Which of course resulted in a lot of dying and aggravation. But I was also shocked at how bad the shielding system was. Actually I was shocked by the shielding system completely. I never did expect that at first. But of course no real time regeneration, and a recharge station every couple of loading screens I suppose it worked out pretty well. But the shields did go away pretty fast after a while. At least the game had health packs everywhere. It also seemed to me in this game that the enemy had much more powerful weapons then I had. Where it to me almost an entire clip to kill somebody with a headshot, it took the NPCs 2 or 3 shots. Maybe it had something to do with the difficulty I'm not sure. It was pretty odd to me.

So I guess if you haven't figured it out by now I suppose I should tell you the name of this game I picked up a few years late. Of course before I do that I should prevent the thoughts I believe some people may have. Like for instance I am not complaining over difficulty. I enjoy hard games and usually skip normal or easy mode or sometimes hard mode. I beat Dante's Inferno on Insane. Got halfway through Ninja Gaiden 2 before I found another game that has stolen my attention..I should probably get back to that game. Also I do find these reasons to be semi-okay reason to dislike a game. I see there are problems with the reasons and I'm not entirely sure on how I can fix them.

So without to many more delays...This game I dislike but still will play till its over is titled

Half-Life 2 This includes each episode..

Thanks for reading! I will be awaiting harsh comments about how I suck at life.
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