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3D gaming

Yeah here it is. I wanna talk about it since I was discussing it a few nights ago with my cousins. This little blog will be about 3D in our games. Yes I did see that Nintendo is working on such a thing for a portable system. I will probably get over to that in one of the few lines below. But until that point I have this. (side-note: probably won't be long at all and probably no pictures =\ sorry )

Well here it is. I don't like 3D. Not in movies, not in games, not even in life!.....Okay maybe a little in life. But anyways I first saw the Avatar in 3D. That was the first 3D movie I saw in a theater. When I left and everybody else was in shock and awe with the look of excitement on their face I was arguing with somebody on how I wasted my money on the damned 3D glasses. While watching a movie in 3D I remained completely aware of the plastic frame around my head and I didn't really see much of the world of Pandora like I would have liked to.

Moving on from there is the fact that Nintendo or well any game company believes that 3D in a game would be a great idea. I really don't like it. Even if I didn't have to wear the stupid glasses while playing the game it would still feel...dare I say not right? I'm 17 and still in school and I like to sit in the middle of class playing my DS or PSP without the teacher noticing. With 3D that becomes pretty hard to do if it is all done correctly. Also i like to see the flat screen knowing that my characters are intangible. When things get 3D I get weird. I start to think things like "Hmm I wounder if I can just steal a pokeball from the pack and use it on the pokemon while its busy paying attention to my character." or better yet I would start to think "I wonder if I could just stabbed this evil dude now and solve many problems and hard ships in the future."...That is correct I would end up thinking these things. Why?( Yes, I know your asking that.) Because I am an idiot who thinks things like that. No, I'm not a complete moron who has no idea what I'm talking about. This is how i feel about 3D gaming.

That's about all this is so thanks for reading people.

Felt bad for not adding a picture so heres a Panda!
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