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Christmas Cards, Destructoid Style

For my photography class, strangely enough, my class was charged with the task of making Christmas (or holiday, however it is that you roll) cards out of linoleum sheets that would be used later as stamps of sorts. It was an assignment that...


Video Games Live And This Gamer's Bliss

To start off this pseudo-review, I would like to briefly describe my journey to the venue that held Video Games Live, the Vancouver Orpheum Theater: I had finally dragged my sorry corpse to the SkyTrain station. After boarding a train I ...


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Hello World,

I be a young Canadian gamer, initially unable to experience the wonders of older games beyond that of the Nintendo 64, but I am learning to love the fantastic world of the old school. I keep to myself, mostly because I'm so bloody lazy, but believe me when I have a good thing I will show it off. Though I rarely have a case to show off, you'll see it when it comes up.

As for favourite games, I'll attempt to rattle a few off of my rice paper like mind:
Half-Life series
Beyond Good & Evil
Sam & Max
Shadow of the Colossus
Metal Gear Solid series

Cheers to gamers everywhere,