NE: The Virtual Console has been succeeded by Nintendo Switch Online, says Reggie

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Islamic Extremists using Fallout 3 concept art

I just noticed this article linked off the drudge report: Seems that this Fallout 3 concept image was posted on an extremist website yesterday, yet the authors of this article apparently don't know what this image is from. I guess Bet...


New Mass Effect DLC Announced

"To date, over 1.6 million gamers have explored the engaging sci-fi universe of Mass Effect. Beginning on March 10, fans everywhere will be able to expand the “Mass Effect” experience with the release of the first ever downloadable content ...


Aquaria out today - indie games ftw Just wanted to remind everyone that Aquaria is coming out on PC today (I think there is going to be a demo). The game is in the MetroidVania vein *ahem* Game looks absolutely stunning and seems like it ...


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