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About Threadedone of us since 3:02 PM on 07.29.2009

Hmmmmm. I'm that one guy who plays the healing class (Medic ect), rarely uses voicechat, plays well and heals everyone, with the common decency to thank teammates on a job well done (they rely on me just as much as I rely on them), and regardless of them returning a thank you or not, continues to heal simply because he wants to help.

I am your Medic, I am your Priest, I am your Cleric, and helping others is all I wish to achieve. A thanks is never required, but it's always appreciated and I'm sure it brightens others up that play the healers.

So don't abuse your healing bros or I swear to god I'll let your character die in the most fantastic and comedic way possible. (Have to tack on a threat to tone down the "LOL DRAMATIC" feel)

Also it's Threaded for my steam name.