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Thornnn's Nonsensical Ramblings of an Insane Man.

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It's been Awhile

I havn't been here in a few years so I thought that I would check in. I love you guys!!


Halo 2600

Have you played this yet. It's a great little time waster. I wish I would have thought of it.


Splinter Cell 2 pack for The $9.99 review

So I was at my local Fred Meyers and was looking for a "pass the time" type game on the discount rack I had heard a little about Splinter Cell and the 2 pack of Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow & Stealth Action Redefined was only $9.99 The Ga...


New Kid on the Block !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! All thanks for the words of support those of you who commented on my last blog. My new boy is Beautiful. Richard Raymond Duke was born at 10:15am. He is 6lbs10onces and 20.5 inches long I forgot to bring my camera home today so I will ...


Gonna be a new Daddy again in a couple of hours.

I Have a 3 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. I have already them started down the path of PC gaming via sites like Fisherprice My daughter especially loves the memory type games and asks to play them by herself now When she gets a bit...


Phunny foto Phriday

OMG I so need more collars. Remind you of some forum posters? This ones for Ron. You think it'll work? Reminds me of my Ex for some reason. Good dog. I lol'ed Reminds me of Cheburga for some reason. As Always a ...


Phunny photo'es

What Real BIKER CHICKS LOOK LIKE Just reminds me of something Mr. Workman would do to someone after they have passed out. To many drivers new drivers lately. Why was I never this lucky as a child? can you ever be to dedicated to you...


Phunny Foto Phriday ( The sex edition)

If your a homophobe you suck. This is what happens when you marry. I Left him with Ron for one week and this is what happens. For educational purposes only. It really works! Rons Easter party don't ask me where the Elf came from....


Phunny Foto Phriday NSFW or is it?

Only on the internet. Why does this remind me of a D-toid Party. This just reminds me of Donkey Kong. My kinda stop light. SURPRISE. And some random Videos that are old. Long video is long but amusing. Interesting Mario do...


Phunny Foto Phriday NVGR or is it?

if only it was true. Hey at least it's not the OJ trial. Hey is that namlessted? I'd hit it. No really with a stick and drag her back to my cave. I don't know why but this pic just reminds me of destructoid. And because you may ...


Mario's last supper

I just thought it was cool. and now for some random stuff. Come on admit it if your over 25 you've been there. I don't know why but this reminds me of namlessted. Is it to late for this?


Phunny Foto Phriday NVGR or is it?

What a hottie. Funny but I still wanna play it. TAKE THIS TO HEART PLEASE!!! I would so do something like this. I think my old 80/88 had one of these. I'm hungry now and don't know why. I don't know why but this made me think of...


Phunny Foto Phriday NVGR or is it?

10 Free internet's if you know were this first photo is from. Workmen rules!!! Lemon is a white lesbian trapped in Gary Colemans body! Teh Uberone is still a real mexican Phist is not Coonskin...


"Not my Turning Point gaming rig"

Well What can I say every one on this site pretty much knows how I got this computer and I figured what the hell since this one is random I'll try again. what are the odds that I win another PC from the worlds best site. My family is ...


REmember that contest WAYYYYY back in december?

Well I never did get Crysis so I can't tell you how the game is but I did get my new Veocity Micro Pc. and I love it I'm even beginning to come around to vista. Vista is like almost like a Mac Emulator windows hybrid but in an annoying way....


Remember Arcades?

I miss the old fashioned arcades. I remember walking into the old where house type buildings with the neon lights everywhere, posters and cardboard standees pasted all over the walls. The arcade I frequented a lot was called the SPACE STATI...


Wii Artillery

I my self don't own a Wii But I thought those that did might want to see this. The article I got it from was on this morning These I guess were unveiled at CES. I my self Would love to play duck hunt with the shotgun.


Master Chief Transformer +Mario Halo video.

I saw this and had to share I hope it isn't to old news as allot of people have been giving a hard time about that to allot of nice people lately. I hope you enjoy. My source material was stolen from Also...


Mario Meets Master Chief.

I just saw this and thought it was hilarious. We need more video game crossovers. I know short blog is short so here are some other things to keep your mind workmen err working.


Funny Photo Friday Phail

Well quite a few people asked me to try and do this photo thing. But no one including the people that asked me to do it or those showed support in the comments actually submitted anything so I'll give it one more week since I already sat up...


About Thornnnone of us since 10:10 PM on 03.27.2007

Well I like the older racing games such as carmegeddon (the whole series), Road Rash, Mario Kart, Need for speed, Moto Cross Madness and such. I also like games like Civilization I've been playing it since the original Black and white and I've so far enjoyed all of them though I haven't played 4 as of writing this. I liked star craft and the first 3 War crafts (haven't played WoW yet). I loved Speedball brutal deluxe on sega (probably the closest you'll get me to anything sports related). I now own no consoles and a really old pc so I don't game as much as I'd like to but when I get my new Pc I hope to make a little more time for it. For now I like to keep up by reading D-toid and I thoroughly enjoy being a member of this community. But whatever happens Most of my life is taken up by my family. My wife and kids are just to irresistibly beautiful to be denied.I can't wait for my kids to be old enough to play video games with.