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WoW, Really?

A few months ago, I was driving to the airport in Louisville, Kentucky at about 7 in the morning. As the drive takes a little more than an hour, I turned on the radio in the hopes of finding some mainstream music with which I could sing alo...


Be a CNN E3 i-reporter

In honor of E3, CNN is asking its band of i-reporters to send in stories about their favorite video games. Check it out: "Video game developers are gathering in Los Angeles for the E3 conference, where they'll unveil the hot new titles ga...


Rock Band is a Gateway Game

Rock Band Reflection - Part II If I learned anything from my co-workers' enjoyment of Rock Band, it was that non-gamers can be made into casual gamers if introduced to the right game. This is why I think Rock Band is a "Gateway Game." ...


A Cast of Thousands...Luigi

Which characters do you personally relate to more than your fellow gamers? Though I do enjoy pink, I am not a princess--Peach, Daisy or otherwise. In fact, as I do a mental roll call of all the video game characters I've ever controlled o...


Two Little Words: System Link

When I was seven, I had an NES. I remember staying up late to play Super Mario Bros. only to die over and over again in level 8-1. What was with that last jump? I graduated to an SNES in the seventh grade and then I pretty much stuck with t...


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Me: Hi, I'm your math teacher.
Student: I heard you have a live account.
Me: Uh...yeah.
Student: What do you play?
Me: Halo. Rock Band. Arcade games. Whatever.
Student: You any good?
Me: No? I mean, you know, not really.
Student: Oh, okay.


"You know, black is this year's pink."
~Galinda, Wicked

>>Video Games are this year's pink.<<


| Favorite Fictional Gamers - list in progress |
>Logan Griffen, Moonlight
>Chuck Bartowski, Chuck


"It's hard to be original when everyone's so typical."
~Five Times August


"Santa Claus multiplied by i ? Well, I guess that makes him real."
~Bo Burnham's New Math