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Lovely Glitches of Skyrim: Unidonkrsey

This is just an occasional post of some funny/interesting glitches and random events that I've encountered in Skyrim. Hope you enjoy. Hmmm.... Some interesting cross-breeding is going down somewhere. I stumbled upon this one whils...


Create Rules to Enjoy the Freedom

Rules are our worst enemies..... and apparently so is freedom. People cant decide. They want that freedom to make there own choices but give them that and: "WTF is this thing? What am I supposed to do? Do expect me to use my mind...


About Theshred12one of us since 4:58 PM on 01.07.2012

I guess i'm primarily a PC gamer. Occasionally i'll dabble in the Wii.
My Rig is nothing to special:
I5 2500k
AMD 6870
4 gbs ram

I really enjoy RPGs mainly, but my first love however is the FPS.

I live in Berkshire, VT. if anyone knows or cares... and snowboard!

Hope you enjoy whatever it is you enjoy. Peace